BREADTHis the percentage of stocks in an INDUSTRY that are trading above their 20-day moving average.

MARKET BREADTHis the average of all industries' breadth in S&P500. (It is approximately equal to the breadth of S&P500)

Market is weak, a relatively good time to buy

Market is strong, a relatively good time to sell

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    • Es un indicador que permite ver cómo está el mercado en general y por sectores. Echadla un vistazo os puede servir 👍

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    • a tool that tracks the ratio of advancing stocks to declining stocks across 12 groupings (ie. sp500, financials, energy, utilities, etc)

      Quant Trader

Frequently asked questions

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    • What is Market Breadth?

      Market breadth is a technical analysis technique that gauges the strength or weakness of moves in a major index. It measures market trends by calculating the proportion of index/industry constituent stocks that exceed their 20-day moving average.

    • Why choose Market Breadth?

      It provides a certain level of prediction for market trends and aids in determining the market's direction.

    • Can market breadth be used as a basis for trading?

      No, market breadth is provided for general informational purposes only and should not be considered as personalized financial advice.

    • How is market breadth calculated?

      Using a simple 20-day moving average. And use the number of stocks on the 20-day moving average divided by the total number of stocks.

    • How to get market breadth data?

      You can get real-time market breadth data on our website. We send daily market breadth reports to our users by email usually when the stock market closes.

    • Are there more market breadth historical data?

      We provide recent data for everyone and more historical data for registered users.

    • Why didn’t I receive the market breadth data report email?

      First, you need to register an account. Then, you need to turn on the notification to receive data reports in the settings. If you have already registered an account but have not received the email, please check your spam folder and add [email protected] to your whitelist.